The Mo'Rub Story

If you know Mo', and his wife Steph, you know that any story they've got is a good one -- and how! But, the story of Mo' Rub ,s close to their hearts ...

A letter from Steph - The President and Boss Lady of Mo' Rub

In late 2011, I retired my post as Executive Director of VSA Iowa and ventured out into the world of entrepreneurship with a great product produced by a wonderful pair of Iowans - my husband and myself.

Mo' Rub is an all-natural spice rub with amazing versatility like nothing ever seen in Iowa before. The special blend was developed by my husband and me and the business is growing right out of our own kitchen. Today we've blossomed into a small company that is working to make Mo' Rub a staple of every kitchen and every summer grilling party.

We're just two Iowa bred, forty-somethings growing our business from the ground up We believe in the product. We believe we have a good thing. It's seriously good. No joke.